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Some highlights: "It's easy to confuse being fashionable with being trendy..""A lady wears underwear""There's nothing wrong with generating some mystery and keeping covered""Logos are the equivalent of blinged out hubcaps""A lady knows the best time to leave a party is when it is absolutely pulsating.

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Despite the actions of several prominent Welsh women, such as Lady Amberley and Miss Gertrude Jenner of Wenvoe, no real suffrage movements took hold in the 1870s and the country was reliant on speaking tours from members of English societies, predominantly from Bristol, London and Manchester.

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Vicious Vikings: Top Three Weird Viking Beliefs: the origin of the first man and woman, who holds the sky up and the story of Thor searching for his stolen hammer (partially animated). Vile Victorians: "Ready Steady Feast": Dr William Buckland, famed eater of weird things--including the preserved heart of a king. Frightful First World War: TNT Hair Dye (advertisement). Alexander the Great and his adviser Hephaestion debate whether or not to name yet another city Alexandria.