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The vibe was good during the approach, she asked if I drink/travel stc.Contacted her after a couple days for a meet up but after replying to the 'How are you text', she went silent.Sorry just ranting a bit but yes high quality women if you can pull them and make them submissive. Fashion and Style Lounge Social Circle Game My Blog On Attractive "Female Friends" Team Beard Team Skinny Girls with Pretty Faces PMs Welcome Approached an Armenian girl at uni."I must in the face of a storm think, live, and die as a king."-Frederick the Great Faith and Good Works save. She seems to want to be westernized, always (trying to) hanging out with australians and other international students and doesn't talk much to the iranians or middle eastern people. You might as well read the whole thread: that - Armenian women are of 2 types - - In there scene and give it up in the social circle (give a shit about their reputation - these ones usually live with mom/dad in glendale) - Don't care about their scene and show off how open-minded they are If you are lucky enough that the one you are talking to is mentally mature enough to be living on her own, congrats you are in the tits. Yes I acted like a woman does towards guys on a bad date.

Along with having gorgeous women and hospitable people, it also has delicious food and very beautiful landscapes. Another exceptional thing about Armenian Women is that they have a very feminine aspect and take pride in looking good.

Armenian Women have long been adored and respected for their beauty and with the 2015 poll of 44,000 Americans where we were voted the Most Beautiful Women of the World; an emphasis on Armenian women has increased.

Though we are a race of beauty, Armenians have much more to offer to the world and Armenian women have contributed a lot to the world.

It would behove both of you to use the search function. Like laugh at all my jokes in the room and thinks I don't notice her staring, but second I look her way she goes back to being a rude bitch whom has the genetics(extremely smart and good looking) that I want in my progeny.

- Don't take her anywhere local to her area or near armenian areas - Don't be a push over - middle eastern women love to challenge - have a strong frame (opinions) - Bust them constantly (tease, smile with a sense of humor) - Dress sharp, focus on interesting stories of travel - Change the topic whenever they talk about their culture - Escalate and if they haven't given it up by the 3rd date - cut em lose or good luck with the marriage Bonus points: - Say you are a doctor/lawyer/real estate investor - Tell them how you are over vacationing in the south of france in every summer - Don't wear davidoff cologne or wear gold chains Recent 10 I met was Armenian. Kept staring at me but never talking when I finally had enough as she was stuck near me for a while.

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