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The company's economic activity in Mauritius largely contributed to the extinction of the dodo, a flightless bird that was endemic to the island.Around the world and especially in English-speaking countries, the VOC is widely known as the "Dutch East India Company".The company was formed to profit from the Malukan spice trade, and in 1619 it forcibly established a capital in the port city of Jayakarta, changing the name to Batavia (modern-day Jakarta).Over the next two centuries the Company acquired additional ports as trading bases and safeguarded their interests by taking over surrounding territory.The VOC monogram was possibly the first globally-recognized corporate logo.The logo of the VOC consisted of a large capital 'V' with an O on the left and a C on the right leg.

The Portuguese Empire therefore became an appropriate target for Dutch military incursions.The VOC enjoyed huge profits from its spice monopoly through most of the 17th century.century to include the whole of the Indonesian archipelago, which would later become the modern Republic of Indonesia.In spite of the VOC's historical contributions, the company has long been criticized for its monopoly, colonialism, exploitation (including use of slave labour), and environmental destruction (especially deforestation).It appeared on various corporate items, such as cannon and coins.The first letter of the hometown of the chamber conducting the operation was placed on top (see figure for example of the Amsterdam chamber logo).

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