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Non-Zoroastrian accounts of typically Zurvanite beliefs were the first traces of Zoroastrianism to reach the west, which misled European scholars to conclude that Zoroastrianism was a dualist faith.

The Zoroastrian cult of Zurvan should not be confused with the Manichaeism's use of the name Zurvan in Middle Persian texts to represent the Manichean deity of light.

Even after the Arabs had subdued the country, many cities rose in rebellion, killing the Arab governor or attacking their garrisons, but reinforcements from the caliphs succeeded in putting down all these rebellions and imposing the rule of Islam.

The Zagros mountains then became a natural barrier and border between the Rashidun Caliphate and the Sassanid Empire.Regardless, Islam was adopted by many, for political, socio-cultural or spiritual reasons, or simply by persuasion, and became the dominant religion.The Mongol invasion of Iran resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and ruined many cities.According to the country's official census, there were 25,271 Zoroastrians within the country in 2011.There are no written records from Zarathushtra's time.

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