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The girls start by using their mouth to scoop one of four cherries out of their team’s cup. She stabs the cherry through the toothpick and then takes the toothpick from her partner so that he can run back and retrieve the next cherry.

The race continues until one team has all four cherries on their toothpick!!

Put the girl’s names in one hat and the guy’s names in another.

Pull out one name for each hat and they must spend seven minutes in heaven together.

In this version the two people have five seconds to hug, if they don’t hug within five seconds then they have another 10 seconds but this time they must kiss , if they don’t kiss after then they must French kiss.

This option makes it so you only have to really kiss the person you want to!

Kissing party games are meant for older teen parties and college parties. Remember it is NOT COOL under any circumstances to pressure anyone into doing something they do not want to do.This game is played in the same way as suck and blow.Every player is given a toothpick to hold in their mouth.If any of the red cards match any of the black cards those two people must kiss.For example if a girl turns up a red queen of hearts and a guy flips up black queen of spades those two get to kiss.

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Divide everyone into couples and supply each couple with a stick of dry spaghetti.

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