Updating to 708 on olpc

Source code was released on 4 June 2017 on Git Hub under a restrictive mods allowing license.

The source code availability made it possible for the Scumm VM project to support the game, which allows the game to be played on Windows, OS X, Linux, Windows CE and other compatible operating systems and platforms.

The Amiga game Mega Ball was programmed by Mackey Software in 1991-1993.

Inspired by Taito's Arkanoid it has several features more.

The original author released in 2012 the source code of Mega Ball under the Apache license v2.

As of February 2010 Meridian 59 has been turned over to the original technical developers, Andrew and Chris Kirmse.

by a former developer allowed unofficial community development, including upgrades, improved graphics, and bug fixes.

In 2013 the source code of one of the community development branches was released to a Git Hub repository under a BSD license.

Around 2004 Eat the Whistle was released under the GPL on Sourceforge, together with the point and click adventure Escape Towards The Unknown GPL.

Similar early BASIC games which were distributed as source code are GORILLA. As for years there has been no production by the publisher Radio Shack of the game, the distributions rights fall back to the developers.

Morgan released game around 2001 under a freeware like license to the public, also offering the source code.

Source code availability in whatever form allows the games' communities to study how the game works, make modifications, and provide technical support themselves when the official support has ended, e.g.

with unofficial patches to fix bugs or source ports to make the game compatible with new platforms.

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The game has been placed in the public domain, hosted on Source Forge, like most of Rohrer's games.

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